Our Work


Brown Brothers Earthmoving

A medium sized earthmoving company that requires immediate and timely breakdown services as well as scheduled servicing and maintenance outside standard business hours and during weekends. Everything from Bucket and attachment fabrication maintenance to Technical hydraulic diagnosis and hydraulic cylinder reseals. The relationship has been forged on an accurate and high level of communication and planning.


Diggabits and tiger rock breakers

An efficient Service tool provider that will find what you need where ever it may come from, a great team of knowledgeable guys parts interpreters that provide you personal service. Diggabits and tiger rock breakers also provider service work for Diesel Power including technical hydraulic and electrical fault finding and diagnosis work, attachment and auxiliary circuit installation, and rapid response break down service for their clients.


Orix New Zealand

A mutual relationship with Orix providing us with service vehicles and Diesel Power providing Orix with servicing and repairs of returned, sold and leased trucks / equipment.


Brinkley Developments

Diesel Power’s services to Brinkley have ranged from pre-purchase machine inspections and advice to hydraulic component rebuilds and general scheduled maintenance.


Zaxcav8 Civil

A relatively new relationship that is growing as quickly as Zaxcav8 civil NZ is itself, hense the increase in service we will be providing to Zaxcav8. It is a broad range of service Including breaker attachment maintenance and rebuilds to fleet maintenance, management and planning.


Zero limits drainage

Originally friends of the school yard that are now friends in business. the business relationship is quickly building working on the basic philosophy of helping each other out where possible to better and Aid growing our business’. Swapping of advice, contacts, ideas and opportunities are all part of it. Diesel power provides a full range of service to ZLD from component rebuilds through to Field service works – day and night shift. Due to the strict site safety rules and regulations that are tied up with most of ZLD’s sites Diesel power is an obvious choice.